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 junk removal company seattle wa

Easy Junk Removal



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Seattle Junk Removal Service

We provide professional Seattle junk removal and moving service. With our straightforward, no-nonsense pricing guide and customer-centric style of service, we will make getting rid of your junk a stress-free experience.

junk removal team seattle wa
Seattle Junk Removal
easy company moving
Seattle Junk Removal
Seattle junk removal
Junk Removal seattle wa

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After you've reviewed the estimate, let us know you'd like to proceed with the job. No credit card information required to secure your junk removal date.

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Your team will arrive as scheduled, ready to help.

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Why Choose Us

Professional junk removal personnel

10+ years of experience with Seattle junk removal

Effective equipment

Competitive, straightforward pricing

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority

Systematic method of junk removal

easy junk removal seattle wa
easy junk removal seattle wa

Declutter Your Life with Easy Junk Removal 

We're not junk haulers, we're life savers!

Life gets cluttered. Whether it's that old couch hogging your living room, a mountain of yard waste burying your dreams of a flower bed, or the dreaded post-renovation debris avalanche, letting go can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! Welcome to Easy Junk Seattle, your friendly neighborhood clutter cavalry!

We're not just junk haulers, we're lifesavers:

  • Zap the stress: Ditch the "where do I even start?" panic. We do the heavy lifting (literally!), so you can grab a coffee and watch your unwanted items vanish like magic.

  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees, no surprises. Get a free quote online or over the phone, and rest assured you're getting the best value in town.

  • Pro team on speed dial: Our crew of friendly waste wranglers are trained pros and professional movers, equipped with the tools and know-how to tackle any junk mountain with efficiency and a smile.

  • Say goodbye to everything: Furniture, appliances, yard waste, construction debris – you name it, we haul it. We even take care of responsibly disposing of your old electronics, because we're good for the planet too!

  • Simple booking, smooth sailing: Schedule your junk removal online or by phone, sit back, and relax. We'll be there promptly, work like ninjas, and leave your space sparkling clean.

But Easy Junk Seattle is more than just muscle and trucks:

  • We care about your community: We partner with local charities, donating usable items to give them a second life and brighten someone's day.

  • Sustainability champions: We're committed to eco-friendly disposal practices, maximizing recycling and minimizing landfill impact. Because a clean Seattle starts with responsible junk removal.

  • Happy customers make us happy: Check out our glowing reviews! We put your satisfaction first, every step of the way.


Ready to reclaim your space and sanity? Let Easy Junk Seattle be your junk removal superheroes!

Don't wait, declutter your life today and enjoy a fresh start with Easy Junk Seattle!

Let's Connect

Feel free to call or send a message over with any questions or concerns that may arise - we're here to help and we genuinely care about providing good service.




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