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Introducing Easy Junk Removal - partnered with the well renowned Easy Company Professional Moving.

Our Expertise

With over over 5000 moves of experience in the moving industry, we knew that we could apply the same systematic method of moving households to disposing of waste in an efficient manner. Leveraging our years of experience in moving, we provide a higher level of service than the junk removal industry has yet to offer. Due to our unique and rigorous training, our personnel will be up to the task and happy to help you get rid of your undesired items.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple -  hard work\dedication. We apply this to each and every job that we go out to. You can count on us to always put our best effort in, and remain dedicated to the task at hand until the work is done.

Our Commitment to Results

We do not treat our clients like they are one-time customers, far from it. We treat every client as someone that we'd like to build a lasting connection with. We know you'll remember us for our work ethic and dedication to service!

What does the parachute mean?

Easy Company, and Easy Junk removal are named after the unit that Kyle's grandfather served in during WWII, Easy Company of the 506th regiment, 101st Airborne Division. His grandfather, Gordon Carson, jumped into Normandy, Holland, and also fought and was wounded in the battle of the bulge. He survived his wounds and rejoined Easy Company. During the last months of the war, Easy Company liberated a Nazi prison camp - and this is where he met Kyle's grandmother, Antonia. She spoke six languages and served as a translator to help Easy Company coordinate transportation for prisoners from all over Europe back to their homeland. Kyle's father, Gary, was conceived in that same prison camp, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1946. The values and work ethic that Kyle's grandparents taught him are the foundation of his core and dedication to service, and helping those in need.

Easy Junk Removal
Seattle Junk Removal

The team

Kyle Carson


The founder of Easy Company, a professional mover for 10+ years with a talent for skilled service. His relentless approach to providing the best quality customer service has earned him a reputation for excellence city wide.

Phone: 206.939.9550

Martyn Reed


Martyn has an unparalleled passion for client satisfaction and comes from a long career in the New York City hotel industry. Working his way up from a concierge to the General Manager of various prestigious hotels in Manhattan, Martyn embodies the American Dream. Hard work and dedication come naturally to him and his myriad of talents are key to company operations.

Phone: 718.704.4620

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